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We, as Walton Hotels, take the full responsibility of ILO Standards and respect human rights, with activities such as waste management, natural resource use, informing employees about health, safety and child protection, and promoting equal rights, in this long journey we embarked on in order to minimize the effects of tourism on our environment. . We believe that our work on integrating with our community and taking part in the solution of social problems will contribute to ensuring sustainability in tourism.

We believe that the efficient use of natural resources and the effective management of these resources are very important in terms of ensuring the sustainability of tourism. We aim to be an exemplary business in the hotel sector in the Marmara region with the practices we have realized on the environment.

Our aim is to benefit the communities we serve through high quality service, economic growth, environmental protection, community participation and, of course, employment, by complying with all applicable environmental laws, statutes and regulations. We will set our environmental goals and targets, continuously improve our environmental performance and minimize the impact of our activities on the environment. We will create environmental awareness among our employees, guests, suppliers and the society in general.

As Walton Hotels, we operate in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Sustainability will be at the forefront in all decision-making stages. Education, health, welfare, safe living, quality of life, etc. It will focus on the sustainability of social conditions in fields.

By making arrangements regarding waste management; it will be aimed to control and destroy packaging and solid wastes and to minimize the wastes arising from our activities. It will reduce the use of natural resources and tend towards the consumption of reusable and recyclable materials


It will act cautiously and carefully about the possible effects of all our activities on the environment. It will save energy with small changes to be made. All devices will be maintained and ensure that they are working effectively. The environmental performance of the hotel will be constantly monitored and realistic targets will be set according to the results. Cultural heritage and nature conservation projects will be supported. Art and handicraft products produced by local people will be exhibited. Guests will be warned about the culture of the region and the behaviors that will be appropriate in the region. Necessary measures will be taken to prevent pollution and noise. Appropriate means of transport will be promoted to reduce energy consumption and emissions. Staff training and awareness will be increased. Equality of opportunity will be ensured regarding race, gender, marital status, age, colour, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability and other protected status. Awareness will be raised on environmental sustainability by informing the personnel about the Environmental Law and other legal regulations. Our hotels adopt information including their sustainability performance, targets, actions and sustainability activities among their disclosure obligations within the scope of the annual report.


In order to reduce the emission rate, we make most of the purchases through a single company as much as possible. When purchasing products, we research the corporate identity of the company and choose environmentally sensitive companies. We choose environmentally friendly products like paper straws etc. We prefer companies that use paper packaging for all products. We choose companies that use less plastic packaging to reduce plastic consumption. Companies with a wide product distribution network are preferred. We prefer to purchase, reusable, returnable and recycled goods. We monitor and manage the purchase and use of consumables and single storage. We avoid unnecessary packaging (especially plastic) purchased in bulk. We favor products and structures that expand the environment—especially wood, paper, fish, other bacteria, and products from the wild. Where certified safeguards and safeguards are not available, the origin and methods of growth or production are intended. We do not use or sell threatened species.
✔ Environment – The environmental risks of the hotels were evaluated by making an impact dimension assessment.
✔ Within the framework of the principles of sustainability in the use of natural resources, there are materials and practices that inform and warn our guests and employees in our rooms and general areas of our hotel.
✔ We provide information for our guests by providing introductory information suitable for the archaeological, natural and cultural heritage of Istanbul on our website.
✔ Our hotels actively support initiatives for local infrastructure and social community development.
✔ Our hotels offer local residents equal opportunities for employment and advancement, including management positions.
✔ Our hotel operations do not jeopardize the provision of essential services such as food, water, energy, health and sanitation to neighboring communities.
✔ Our hotel operations do not adversely affect local access to livelihoods, including land and water resource use, right of way, transportation and housing.
✔ While our hotels respect the intellectual property rights of local communities, we value the authentic elements of traditional, contemporary local culture in our operations and in our kitchen.
✔ Our hotels make a financial or in-kind contribution to the protection of cultural heritage.
✔ Our hotels' energy consumption is measured by type and takes steps to minimize total consumption. As Walton Hotels, we strive to increase the use of renewable energy.
✔ Water risk has been assessed, water consumption is measured by type, and steps have been taken to minimize overall consumption. The water supply is sustainable and does not adversely affect environmental flows. In areas with high water risk, water management targets are determined and followed according to the conditions. We provide and promote alternative (climate friendly) transportation options to our customers during their arrival, departure and visit.
Müşterilerimize alternatif (iklim dostu) ulaşım seçenekleri, varış, kalkış ve ziyaretleri sırasında bilgi sağlamakta ve tanıtmaktayız.
✔ In our hotels, domestic water is used to meet the domestic water needs of employees and guests. The sources of domestic waste water are points such as sinks, WCs, bathrooms and kitchens to meet the needs of employees and guests. Domestic waste water is given to İski. Industrial type waste water is not generated in our hotels.
We have a waste management plan. We measure according to the type of solid waste that is disposed of, and apply targets to minimize solid waste.
✔ Our hotels support and contribute to biodiversity conservation through proper management of their property.
✔ Our hotels take measures to prevent the emergence of invasive species. Native species are used for landscaping and restoration where possible, especially in natural areas.

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