Formerly called Pera, Beyoğlu was developed in the 19th century by European diplomats and merchants, who embraked on an ambitious bulding scheme and brought as fashionable European flair to the ancient oriental city. Although the bygone splendour of old Pera is still apparent in the elegant Art Deco facades, the venues have been updated to reflect Beyoğlu’s youthful, contemporary appeal. Çiçek Pasajı, formerly the home of some of İstanbul’s most luxurious shops, is now occupied by a cluster of touristy meyhanes, but the architectural beauty of the arcade remains as testament to the district’s fading glamour. The 1990’s saw a period of regeneration in Beyoğlu and old tram, which in its heyday carried its smart apssengers from Taksim Square to Tünel, has ben renovated and back in service Passage Markiz has, likewise, been revamped into five storey shopping complex…


A must-do list for best Istanbul experience. The several things to do in Istanbul still makes this city a hidden gem. In this amazing city, you will find unique attraction points that you can’t find anywhere else around the world. Are you ready for your uniq experience to İstanbul:

Taste delicious food on streets of Beyoğlu. Visit the tempels of three religions. Live on two separate mainlands in the same day. Dervishes with their sema ritual at Galata. Visit blue mosque for the best examples of Islamic architecture. Go for a crazy night out by the bosphorus. Go shopping in the oldest and largest shopping mall in the world: the grand bazaar! Climb to the historical tower that witnessed the first human flight. Swim in bosphorus in a pool and enjoy breath-taking view of europe and asia. Become a guest of Walton Hotel while experiencing all this.